Dear friends, family and my dearest fans, 

My first solo album is almost ready for release. I have spent may countless hours working very hard and putting my own resources be it financial or otherwise, into the album. It has entailed lots of blood, sweat and tears but I am proud to say that the finish line is in sight. 

As I make the final push, I turn to you, my loyal supporters, to help make my first album a reality. I humbly ask that you pledge to buy my first album instead  of seeking out a pirated copy. The price is only $10 for a very fine quality mastered audio CD in a sealed, cool plastic jewel case, all printed and recorded proudly in Canada. 

This pledge will not only boost my morale but also give me a better idea as to how many CDs I need for bulk production so that I don't shoot myself in the foot. : )

If you would really like to contribute, here are some cool ways:

1. For $10, you can either get my digital album via a downloadable link containing high quality .mp3 or .wav files or as a playable CD shipped to you via snail mail. (Shipping only within USA or Canada)

2. For $25, you will receive both my digital album via a downloadable link containing high quality .mp3 or .wav files and a playable audio CD shipped directly to you. (Shipping only within USA or Canada)

3. For $100, you will be recognized under "Special Thanks" on my album's hard-copy booklet, in addition to receiving both a downloadable version of the album and an audio CD, as described above. 

4. For $500, you will become an executive producer of my debut album, plus all of the above.

Sounds like a great deal? It sure is :D

I personally thank everyone for their time, support and consideration. If you can't purchase my new album, I would greatly appreciate if you could share my music as support takes on many forms so please join me on and wish me luck! 

Let's keep the music and indie artists alive!

All the love & peace...